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CASI's Donations Policy

Our policy on accepting donations, based on the need to maintain our position as an independent campaigning organisation, is as follows:

1. (a) CASI must approve all donations. In the case of donations of greater than £100, acceptance requires consent of the Committee. In the case of donations less than this amount, the Junior Treasurer's decision suffices. If a donor gives multiple donations, each less than £100 in value but whose total value exceeds £100, then the Junior Treasurer will bring this to the Committee's attention for discussion.

1. (b) The Junior Treasurer's annual report will summarise donations by donor.

2. (a) The Committee or Junior Treasurer will not accept donations from potential donors who may reasonably be perceived to seek to influence CASI's independent and humanitarian mandate. This condition is likely to apply to corporations, governments and to individuals with well-known political positions.

2. (b) When the Committee is to discuss a potential donation, the Junior Treasurer will introduce to the Committee any information that might bear on the potential donor's suitability under the terms stated in 2(a).

3. Upon approval of a donation, the Junior Treasurer will file a note of approval, indicating that, to the best of CASI's knowledge, the donor neither seeks to influence CASI's mandate, nor can be reasonably seen to, and noting any relevant details either discussed by the Committee or discovered by the Treasurer.

How to make a donation


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