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Where to find the latest news about Iraq

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Specialist news on Iraq

Mass media sources in English

UK National Daily Newspapers

To search current on-line news around the world (useful for 'low-profile' news), try NewsIndex, and Google News, as well as the search facilities on the above sources.

Eyewitness Accounts from Iraq

  • Where is Raed? is a reguarly updated webpage diary being kept by a resident of Baghdad.
  • BBC Journalists in Iraq are keeping a Reporters Log, detailing their impressions and personal experiences as they watch events unfold in various parts of the country.
  •'s 'Iraq Diaries' include entries written by various people, mainly based in Baghdad.

Sources from the Middle Eastern world

An Arabic to English on-line translator provided by Ajeeb may be useful for those who do not read Arabic. Please note that the quality of the translations can often be poor.

  • The Arabic Press Daily News site provides a comprehensive list of on-line Arab newspapers, in English / French and Arabic language sections. Particularly recommended are:
    • The Jordan Times (English language), which retains a consistent and accurate focus on events in Iraq.
    • al-Ahram weekly (English language), which provides in translation the main articles from the most prestigious Arabic daily; based in Egypt.
    • al-Sharq al-Awsat (Arabic language), which provides detailed news on all parts of the Middle East; based in London although owned by the Saudi royal family.
    • al-Nahar (Arabic language) is an independent and popular daily; based in Beirut.
  • Hawlati is an independent, weekly newspaper published from Iraqi Kurdistan. An English edition is published on Mondays.
  • The Iraqi News Agency provides the Iraqi Government's line on recent events in the region. Extensive links to the Iraqi newspapers are to be found here. The largest circulation newspaper is al-Jumhuriyya, printed in Baghdad under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Information.
  • Intertent provides links to many web radio and TV broadcast services in the Arab world. It also has a full list of official press agencies, newspapers and magazines throughout the Arab world on its publications page. Particularly good broadcast sources include:
    • al-Jazeera TV, established in Qatar in 1997, has quickly become one of the Middle East's most independent and popular TV stations. Arabic only.
    • Radio Liban Libre live on Real Audio. Primarily Arabic.


These are links to selected audio and video footage. A more extensive list of clips can be found here.

UK Magazines

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