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Formation of Cambridge Solidarity With Iraq

Below are the minutes from the final EGM of the Campaign Against
Sanctions on Iraq. The minutes give the details of the destination for
CASI's funds, they also give information on the formation of the new
organisation, 'Cambridge Solidarity with Iraq.' This follows the plans
outlined in our earlier proposal.

The resources of the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq website will
be maintained by the new organisation for as long as they remain useful.
Funds have been allocated to cover the domain name and hosting of the
website for five years.

The present discussion list will also continue to run, however (since
a new 'info list' is to be formed,) the Cambridge Solidarity with Iraq
committee will not be able to invest the time necessary to continue
moderating it, a job which we hope present members of the list might be
interested in taking on, or the list will be left unmoderated.

Cambridge Solidarity with Iraq will also continue to provide this
announcements list. As the emphasis will no longer be upon campaigning
against sanctions on Iraq but rather upon the humanitarian reconstruction
of Iraq, if you no longer wish to receive emails from the organisation,
please go to

and follow the instructions there. Alternatively, email with your request.

Thankyou very much to everyone who has been involved in any way with
the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq over the last six years. We hope
that you will be interested in some of the new projects which have emerged
from that campaign.

Many thanks,

The CASI committee.


FINAL EGM of Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq.

18th October 2003


current CASI funds are £1661.12 (balance of £1912.96 less £251.84 in
unclaimed receipts). This will be distributed:

A) £500 to Cambridge Solidarity with Iraq, in support of its responsibility
to maintain CASI's information resources, and help with general
operational costs. This figure is composed of:

- £325 to archive existing website for 5 years (estimated annual cost of
£ 15 for domain name + £50 for hosting.) - it is anticipated that Cambridge
Solidarity with Iraq will allocate approximately £100 of this money to
cover the initial costs of developing an improved website. - All
(non-monetary) CASI assets not dealt with below will be donated to
Cambridge Solidarity with Iraq.

B) £300 to Medical Aid for Iraqi Children

C) £150 to Un Ponte Per (Bridge to Iraq)

D) £150 to 'Childhood's Voice'

E) £150 to Red Cross/Red Crescent

F) £150 to Islamic Relief

G) The remainder (approximately £200-£250) to CARE International

The considerations guiding this distribution were:
- ensuring that CASI's funds produce the greatest possible benefit to the
people of Iraq
- supporting organisations led by, or in close connection with, Iraqis
- supporting organisations with which CASI has been associated, and which
we have reason to trust
- maintaining CASI's information resources (this was a particular request
of a number of respondants to the initial proposal for the distribution of
- Supporting Cambridge Solidarity with Iraq, which will continue
much of the work of the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq. In agreeing to
disband the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq, we thought it was important
to note that the concerns over Iraq policy which it was set up to address
have not been wholly alleviated by the lifting of UN sanctions. In this
context, we felt it was within the spirit of donations to the Campaign
Against Sanctions on Iraq for a proportion of its remaining funds to be
donated towards the start-up costs of a successor organisation.

MIKE will encourage BAZ to distribute the money



FOUNDING MEETING of Cambridge Solidarity with Iraq

Name will be Cambridge Solidarity with Iraq (keeping the acronym CASI.)

The constitution, the essential parts of which are listed below, was
unanimously agreed.

Mike and Rachel summarised current 'Cambridge Solidarity with Iraq'
activity (seminars, twinning project and website redesign)

Election of officials (for the purposes of registering CASI as a society of
Cambridge University)

- Sam Royston was elected Junior Treasurer
- Nicholas Postgate was nominated, in his absence, as a potential Senior


- we will aim to create a new email list, which will combine the functions
of discussion, distribution of information, and summarising new additions
to the website. This could best be described as a 'CASI Info List', which
would encourage submissions of news and analysis, and pass on the selected
pieces to list members, possibly accompanied by a summary of important
additions to the website
- This will unfortunately reduce the time available for the CASI committee
to moderate the existing discussion list. While we hope this will continue
to be a useful forum, we will encourage list members to moderate it
themselves, or leave the list unmoderated.
- we will avoid charging a membership fee or making the list

The name and aims of the new society from the CONSTITUTION, agreed at CASI
founding meeting:

1) The name of the Society shall be: "Cambridge Solidarity with Iraq"

2) The Society's aims shall be:
a) to work for the improvement of humanitarian conditions in Iraq
b) to support Iraqi and other groups and individuals working for the
improvement of humanitarian conditions in Iraq;
c) to facilitate understanding of and cultural exchange with the people of
d) to provide information about the condition of Iraq
e) to provide information about the effects of UN sanctions on Iraq, in
particular by maintaining the information resources of the Campaign Against
Sanctions on Iraq


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