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12 actions for 12 years of sanctions

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10 - Donate to a charity working in Iraq

CARE International UK (Registered Charity No. 292506 )

Works with local communities in 64 countries to end poverty through disaster relief and sustainable development programmes. Currently distributes food to children in Iraqi hospitals and refurbishes and maintains water systems throughout central and southern Iraq. Over two million people directly benefit from their refurbishment of water plants and pumping stations.

10-13 Rushworth St
tel 020 7934 9334
fax 020 7934 9335

Help the Needy (Registered Charity No. 1059951)

Launched in 1992, it focuses on relief work in Iraq. Supports and supervises a number of projects in the North, South and Centre, including sponsoring orphans, students, and poor families, and distributing food and clothing. Also funds medical supplies and treatment for long-term diseases such as heart problems and diabetes. Managed by volunteers.

Help the Needy
PO Box 6074
B10 0TR
tel 0800 02 73 110
fax 020 8961 1861

Human Relief Foundation (Registered Charity No. 1043676)

Established in 1991, it has over ten years of experience of relief distribution, management and development in all parts of Iraq. In 2001 raised over £1 million for relief work in Iraq and other countries affected by conflicts and natural disasters. Work in Iraq includes renovating damaged schools, rebuilding community centres and developing a project to improve domestic water supplies and sanitation.

Human Relief Foundation
Suite 200
The Aberdeen House
22-24 Highbury Grove
London N5 2EA
tel 01274 392727
fax 01274 739992

Medical Aid for Iraqi Children (Registered Charity No. 1044222)

Registered in 1995, it concentrates on donating medicines, including specialised anti-cancer drugs, and medical equipment, such as ventilators and radiometers, to paediatric hospitals in Iraq. To date it has delivered 18 shipments to the value of £1.75 million to 23 hospitals across Iraq, many of them on a regular basis.

Medical Aid for Iraqi Children
26 Old Brompton Rd
tel. 020 7581 2727
fax. 020 7581 2767

Save the Children UK (Registered Charity No. 213890)

Works in 70 countries to help children in the world’s most impoverished communities. Lobbies the international community about the harmful effect on children of general economic sanctions and other forms of international intervention. Its work in Northern Iraq covers all aspects of child protection, with a strong emphasis on building the capacity of national NGOs and the Kurdish administration to implement this programme.

Public Enquiry Team
Save the Children
17 Grove Lane
tel. 020 7703 5400
fax. 020 7703 2278


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